Wayuu Taya Susu bag

This handmade Wayuu Taya Susu bag is unique unmatched and individual; each weaver creates her own"kanaa". for every "Susu" bag . Each bag is made entirely by hand under the same processes with the materials that have been used for centuries. The Wayuu women work 8 hours a day for 21 days to create each bag . By purchasing this unique bag you are helping the Wayuu Taya foundation,to improve the lives of the Wayuu community while maintaining and respecting their traditions, cultures and beliefs.

Ring 7177 guarantees the authenticity of the bag. 15” w, 13-15” h, 30” diameter,16” deep and the strap measure between 40-50”.

Colour off white

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Was: £165.00

Now: £98.00