✿ Winter Warmers

The winter is definitely on it’s way. I can feel it in my fingers.

So what a better time than now to stock up on essential accessories to make your winter warmer !

Our Luxurious 100%  pure cashmere scarves, available in 4 beautiful soft colours – Champagne, Crystal Blue, Charcoal Grey and Silvery Grey – £65.00

The Ali hat and scarf set is perfect for every day wear. Made from 100% cashmere and comes in two beautiful shades of grey – Hat – £45.00 + Scarf – £65.00

Wearing gloves isn’t always very practical … So that’s where we work our magic and introduce to you our Cashmere wrist warmers.

Now you can keep your hands warm and still type, text etc !

They come on 4 different colours – Petrol blue, Silver Grey Melange, Charcoal and Taupe – £65.00


We also have our cashmere fingerless gloves in Taupe and Charcoal with matching scarves , complete with signature LuLLiLu love heart buttons.

Gloves – £45.00 + Scarf £58.00

What better way to keep warm than to chill on the couch with a hot water bottle, duvet and hot chocolate ( not to forget the cream and marshmallows  of course !)

Well now you can have a lazy day in style with our gorgeous Cashmere hot water bottle covers.

Made from 100 % cashmere from the treasured Capra-Hircus Goat – £ 75.00

So go on start shopping for your winter warmers now and also remember these could make the perfect gifts for Christmas !

Who will you keep warm?

Love LuLLiLu xx

✿ Cosy Cashmere

A common question is where does our cashmere come from?

Lullilu’s cashmere comes from the Capra-Hircus Goat which lives high in the Himalayan Mountains and on the cold high level plain of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia.

The outer fur actually feels rough to touch. Certainly if you were to stroke this goat it wouldn’t feel amazingly soft. The finest hair is on the inner layer, next to the skin.

The cashmere production and manufacture for Ronit Zilkha’s cashmere collection is in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Using the finest cashmere yarn from Mongolia, where it is spun prior to being shipped to our facilities in Kathmandu.

The clothes and scarves are made on hand machines – a labour intensive and skilled process. The factories employ and train mainly female workers and garments are all  assembled and finished by hand.

Ronit Zilkha cashmere collection for Lullilu is an environmentally aware company using local materials where ever possible and ensuring that their workers are well paid and have good working conditions.

We can feel the Winter coming already (Brrrrrr!!!) So what perfect time than now to stock up on some quality cashmere cosys!

Meet out luxurious Vintage Rose cashmere sweater. A classic shape and colour that will never go out of style.

This will become a key piece all year round as the thing with cashmere is that it keeps you warm in cool climates and cool in warm climates. Not just a pretty face?

Handmade from 100% cashmere this turtle neck sweater in vintage rose and oatmeal melange is high on anyone’s wishlist.

Complete with Lullilu’s signature puff sleeves this is perfect for everyday wear and will become a key essential to your winter wardrobe.

Worn with a skirt for a sophisticated look or with our Paige Twilight Jeans for a modern chic look.

The Cashmere Audrey Dress is the perfect day dress.

It’s simple yet flattering and easy to wear.

We recommend wearing with tights boots and one of our cashmere scarves.

Scarves are a perfect accessory for the winter and can add a splash of colour to your outfit.

New to LuLLiLu is our handmade Vintage Rose cashmere fringed scarf.

Made from the finest luxurious cashmere, this sumptuous scarf will be a statement piece for this fall trends.

Be bold and  enhance any look with our Rich Red cashmere fine scarf, also handmade from 100% cashmere we guarantee you will stylishly stand out in any crowd!