Meet Ruby & Indigo – Our Cute yet Luxurious Teddy Bears !

It’s about time we introduced two very special members of LuLLiLu today !

Meet Ruby & Indigo – Two cute, original and luxurious Teddy Bears!

These beany bears are 100% cashmere hand made from the treasured Capra-Hircus goat.

This hang are stylish too – Ruby comes in plain with striped scarf or Stripy with plain scarf – Indigo comes in plain or stripy however he loves stripes so much we just can’t get him in a plain scarf!

This a perfect gift for any kid and we know they will love and cherish Ruby & Indigo as much as we do here at LuLLiLu!

At only £20.00 it will be worth it to see that smile on your little angels face!

So .. Ready.. Teddy.. Go and purchase yours today !

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