✿ Do you remember your first tapestry …?

If you are a tapestry lover like us you will remember the first one you did and how it was so hard to start… It always looked like an impossible task to finish and when you do it is the most satisfying feeling ever .

My mother framed mine and It’s still hanging on the wall, I always spot how I missed out a few stitches here and there but no one has ever noticed .

When Lulli wanted a tapestry she chose Peggy Penguin as her first one and now it is hanging beside my first tapestry across from my Mother’s old tapestry.

For our gift range We chose Otto Owl, Peggy Penguin, Olivia Ostrich and Lucy Lama. We would love to hear which one is your favourite ? and hope it will be hanging for years to come on your wall.

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Ronit x

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