✿ Do you remember your first tapestry …?

If you are a tapestry lover like us you will remember the first one you did and how it was so hard to start… It always looked like an impossible task to finish and when you do it is the most satisfying feeling ever .

My mother framed mine and It’s still hanging on the wall, I always spot how I missed out a few stitches here and there but no one has ever noticed .

When Lulli wanted a tapestry she chose Peggy Penguin as her first one and now it is hanging beside my first tapestry across from my Mother’s old tapestry.

For our gift range We chose Otto Owl, Peggy Penguin, Olivia Ostrich and Lucy Lama. We would love to hear which one is your favourite ? and hope it will be hanging for years to come on your wall.

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Ronit x

✿ Like Mother, Like Daughter…

“Lullilu, created by Ronit Zilkha”, was inspired by a little girl called LuLLi, who wants to have fun and doesn’t want to waste all her time trying on clothes and going shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, this little girl loves nice clothes but is happy with a few favourite pieces that she loves to wear over and over until they look shorter, cuter and even nicer when they’re a little snug.

So, the inspiration came from making a few very special pieces, which will be part of LuLLi ‘s childhood, because we always remember “that one dress” in our photos which we wore so much as a child.

The Lullilu philosophy and clever sizing means the range will work for two or more age group gaps, starting with them being a little longer and looser, then a little shorter and snugger and worn with their own individual style, as girls have got so much style if they have the chance to let it shine. it is all about developing their freedom to express through clothes and other things.

We will also carry our styles from Autumn to Winter to Spring, with updated seasonal accessories, so no need to put clothes “away”. So, a Winter cardigan will work perfectly over a co-ordinating Spring dress from within the range.

Ronit Zilkha said, “I believe that when you invest in a special piece, you want them to last longer, just like Lulli likes…Let’s show our children value of clothes that they will cherish and love for years.”

LuLLiLu range is not a “Mini Me” ,as it is to inspire us Mums to be more child like in our approach to clothing ,not to fuss so much about what is new and love the few pieces we have . the idea that it is ok to wear the same dress over and over again as IT IS MY FAVOURITE AND SO EASY TO JUST PUT ON AND GET ON WITH MORE IMPORTAND THINGS IN LIFE . For Lulli is playing and for us is to make the most of it …

Let the children inspire us…

Below we have the ‘Little Audrey Dress’ and the ‘Audrey Dress’ for Daughters and their Mummy’s on the move.

Cashmere Audrey dress is a must for you girls who want to put on something gorgeous in a trice and look SO fashionable!
And don’t forget it will look great as you grow taller, kind of 60’s…
Dress it up with our Cashmere Lulli flowers, any colour you fancy.

The flattering pure cashmere short sleeved Audrey dress with a roll neck and slightly gathered yoke – dress it up with heels and jewellery

or more casually with a great pair of boots. “like we say …Dress , Boots and out of the door “

This is another piece you’ll want to wear over and over again.

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Ronit x

✿ We’ve all gone Dotty . . .

We’ve all gone dotty started with the love for red & white dots years ago and was the inspiration behind the LuLLiLu logo.

We now love our hot dots even more as they truly are classic and timeless.

So… To bring them back we have featured them on our Limited Edition cashmere scarf.

The luxurious red & white dotted scarf is a cheerful way to brighten up any day and outfit.

All a girl needs is one dress, one bag, one scarf and make them your favourite, style them and wear over and over again.

Let them always be hanging on the edge of the chair with the rest of your favourites that barely make it back into the cupboard at the end of the day.

Our best sellers are the Cape Dress, an elegant and flattering piece that can be worn from day to night, then add a splash of red with the Hot Dot scarf

and better yet mix the dotty pattern with funky geometrics by throwing over your shoulder a handmade “SuSu” bag.

Watch out  for our new colours … COMING SOON❣

Be sure to visit us at LuLLiLu.com to purchase your key pieces, Hope to see you soon.

❤ Ronit x

✿ Little Black Dress

There’s nothing better than bringing on a bit of ladylike Little Black Dress glamour,  – our fine merino wool fit and flare Clover dress, and flattering Cape Dress, both of which are back in stock.  Please note that they are both in very limited supply.

We know you’ll love our merino Clover dress, not just a Little Black Dress but a versatile wardrobe essential that you’ll want to wear over and over again in so many different ways, and our gorgeously wearable Cape Dress, beautifully crafted in the finest of knits with a sleek form fitting shift covered with a fine gauzy overlay.

Merino Wool Clover Dress

Wear both with high boots during the day and your killer heels at night, these two favourites will never let you down and you’ll take yours with you everywhere.

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Ronit x

Welcome to Lullilu, created by Ronit Zilkha

British designer Ronit Zilkha studied fashion design in London, after which she launched her eponymous collection and showed at London Fashion Week for more than 12 years. Her designs, including inspired eveningwear and day tailoring, were worn by celebrities, stars and fashion editors everywhere.

After she had her daughter Lulli she took some time off, and then decided to create a range that was more about a way of life than seasonal pieces; about investing in a small number of co-ordinating items which become wardrobe essentials and last for years. Her range is about comfort and quality, easy pieces but with quirky signature details that make them design classics for the future.

The children’s collection is designed through a child’s eyes, not about giving children endless disposable tops, trousers and dresses from chain stores, but about having a much loved cashmere cardigan, a cashmere dress to wear with tights and boots; favourite garments to last for years.

Ronit’s philosophy is that getting dressed should not be over complicated, that you should invest in pieces that you can wear from season to season and use them as a blank canvas to style and accessorize as the mood takes you. You never need to worry that you are wearing the same dress over and over again. This is investment dressing at its very best.

Her creative inspiration has always come from art and culture old and new with a love of combining the ancient with the modern in textile, prints and styling.

Each season you’ll discover a small selection of new pieces to add to previous season’s designs, bringing an effortless style and comfort for the modern woman, whether in the workplace or at home.

Shop the Lullilu Range now at www.lullilu.com